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Our affiliate program is a CPL (Cost Per Lead) based program where we will pay you for each completed contact form type on our website. We will pay you a specific dollar amount per qualified lead. A qualified lead has completed one of our forms completely and with accurate information. Our forms are very user friendly and have a very high rate of conversion.

*ON Network $4.00
*OFF Network $1.00
*Subject to change without notice

Simply register for our affiliate program by completing the form below and we will evaluate you registion details and provide you with access to the spark system where you may monitor your activity in real-time. All payments are made in US dollars and will be paid by the 15th day of the current month for prior months valid leads. We only accept leads from visitors residing in the US.

We Provide Real-time affilaite reporting through our Spark Lead management solution. Here you will have access to the data at the same time as our clients. Leads are tagged with the data collected and the end consumer of the lead is the one that defines a lead as a good lead or not. A good lead is defined as having a name valid phone number and valid email at a minimum. Due to this low requirement our conversions are much higher.

We do review lead that our clients flag as bad leads and ensure that that meet this minimum requirement.

You will be paid on every lead that remains as good as of the 6th day of the month. billing closes for our customers on the 5th day of the month. We will send you payment by the 15th of the next month. Spam is not accepted and may be cause for termination.

granite affiliate real-time reporting

Leads also have a value of on network and off network. As of today this does not have an affect on the CPL that you receive but will be subject to change based on quality and amount of leads generated under a specific account.

Once you have created your affiliate accoutn you will be provided with a login to the spark system where you will be able to pull down your Links, banners, and content to start driving revenue from your website blog or social media.

See the terms and conditions for additional details.

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