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Kitchen trends come and go, but granite remains the most popular countertop.

Despite its expense, granite is durable, easy to maintain and most importantly, beautiful. It comes in a variety of colors, making it a perfect complement to any kitchen and cabinet style. However, deciding which color granite can be overwhelming.

To shorten your decision process, I picked five of the most common granite countertop colors in America. Take a look and find the right color based on your kitchen size, style and cabinet colors. White Granite Makes Your Kitchen Look Bigger

White Countertops

Many homeowners shy away from white granite countertops because of a common misconception. They assume the white granite slab looks like a sheet of plain paper, which resembles a lack of character. In fact, due to the composition of granite, there is no such a thing as “plain” white granite. White granite countertops always come with different colors of flecks or veins that can add interest to a kitchen. You can pick different shades of white granite to coordinate with your cabinet color, whether it’s black, white or neutral.

The clean-lined look of white granite countertops can also make a kitchen appear lighter and bigger. Therefore, interior designers will usually recommend using white granite countertops in small kitchens.

Looking to hearing more advice from an interior designer? See how much it costs to hire an interior designer. Beige Granite Gives You More Decorating Options

Beige Countertops

Although white and beige are similar in color, beige granite seems more attractive to many homeowners. Unlike white granite, beige granite has more brown, black and gray colors mixed in. The color combination gives homeowners more flexibility to decorate around. As you can imagine, beige granite counters can work well with any light to dark colored or wood cabinets. That’s why beige granite countertops are prevalent in classic kitchen designs, such as traditional, country and Victorian.

If you are looking for a timeless piece in your kitchen, beige granite is a safe bet. Brown Granite Creates A Warm, Rustic Kitchen Look

Brown Countertops

Since brown granite is much darker than beige, they have some limits in matching cabinet colors. However, brown is still one of the most popular colors of granite. Why? The reason is that no one can refuse the gentle contrast brown granite creates when pairing with lighter cabinetry.

Brown granite countertops can be a good fit for both country and rustic style kitchens. Yet, I prefer to use brown granite countertops in a rustic kitchen. For one, a brown granite countertop with lots of veining can keep the warm feeling. Second, the shade of brown will help tie all the wooden crafts together.

Can’t wait to install brown granite countertops in your kitchen? See the specific cost of countertop installation in your area. Black Granite Shines

Black Countertops

Not everyone appreciates the dramatic look of granite. Some people chose granite countertops just because granite is easy to maintain, not because they like the actual striations of granite. If you fall into this category, black granite will suit you best. The surfaces of most black granite are nearly solid black. Nonetheless, when you look closer, you will find some small silver specks throughout the surfaces. When the light hits it, the black granite countertop will sparkle and shine—just like a black diamond.

Don’t hide this gem with dark cabinetry. Instead, use it as a focal point in your kitchen with white cabinets to create a modern ambiance. This is absolutely the winning combination in today’s modern kitchens. Jewel-Toned Granite Adds an Exotic Touch

Green Countertops

Looking to make an exotic statement in your kitchen? Consider installing jewel-toned granite countertops. Jewel-toned granites, like red and green, can add an oriental touch to your kitchen. However, most jewel-toned granites have a rich and striking appearance. You should be careful when matching it with cabinetry. Only pair them with muted-colored cabinetry. This way, you can avoid overloading your kitchen with too many colors. Moreover, the unique granite countertops will stand out, becoming the most eye-catching element in your kitchen.

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