Virtual Kitchen Designer v1.02262023

Notice: touch devices are limited in functions. eg. not able to re - define the polygon with . you are able to move the anchors.

Interactive Kitchen And Bath Designer: Upload Your Photo

Kitchen Remodeling projects just got easier with the Virtual Kitchen and Bath designer.

Visualize your remodel instantly with new countertop material from a photo of your kitchen, Simply Drag and drop from your file system onto the photo below.
      Upload an image of your kitchen or bathroom

        Pencil the area you will be surfacing. Select points in the image where the line will change direction. Best to select the transparent material color while using the draw tool.
        In this release touch devices are not able to re - define the polygon.
          Change the colors to available stone materials

          Take a screen shot and share with friends!

Known issues with touch screen devices.

We are working on a solutions to touchscreen applications. Javascript must be enabled. Works on most modern browsers. We are not supporting IE because microsoft is phasing the browser out. The Virtual Kitchen Design application enables users to upload a photo of a kitchen or any space, mark out the area that you intend to surface with slab material in granite marble quartz and more and visualize the material in your space. If you choose you can subbit your photo and color selection to your local representative for a free estimate. This is a great starting point for an estimate but more details may be required to provide the estimate.

By submitting this form the information is only to be used to provide you with additional details concerning this project. See privacy statement for more details.

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Licence the VKD Photo for your website or social media pages.

When you register for the VKD-Photo application you are assigned and ID. This id defines the colors that your application will display as well as your users will receive notification of a customer using the application and a submission for an estimate request. Anytime this alloication is used with your id your users will receive the details.

If the license is not renewed the id will trigger a maintenace message.

Step #1: upload your photo (.jpg or.jpeg Files only)

Step #2:

trace your countertop surface.

Step #3

Select stone material to overlay.
note: To print , turn on background images to print your creation.

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