1,2,3 Steps On How to Buy Virginia Granite Countertops for Your Home.

granite buying processMake some design decisions with our Virtual Kitchen Designer

Kitchen DesignerThe Virtual Kitchen designer is a great tool for you to picture your granite countertops in your home. You can change the cabinet and wall colors to reflect your current colors in your home or you can change them to the colors that you would like to have in your kitchen. Recent Updates:
  • You may now choose from 16 million colors for your walls to go with your new Virginia granite countertops.
  • We have just added the option to change the backsplash from none, 4 inch or a full matching Virginia granite countertops backsplash.
  • We have added printing capabilities so once you have the kitchen wall colors, granite countertops, and cabinet colors set, simply print out the design per the instructions.
  • We have added request a quote to the kitchen designer application so that you can capture the details of your selection in your quote request.

Virginia Granite Kitchen Designer
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Virginia Kitchen

Virginia granite buying processOnce you know basically what you want for your granite countertop color use the Granite Countertops Estimator to get an idea on price.

The instant estimator is a great way for you to get a ballpark price instantly on what your new Virginia granite countertops will cost. The estimate ask some detailed questions to calculate the square footage of the countertop taking into account the various edge types for each edge of the Virginia granite countertop. Also some of the standard options associated to your granite counter tops purchase are collected and then you will be presented with an estimate based on the data you have entered and selected. This instant estimate is not a binding estimate but an estimate that you can use to understand approximately where your job should be based on the accuracy of the data that you entered. We encourage you to reach out to us when you are ready for a more accurate quote.

Virginia Granite Countertop Estimator
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Virginia Instant Countertop Estimate
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Virginia granite buying process Finally have a look at our work in the Granite Countertops Photo Gallery

Granite Countertops Photo Gallery

Check out the work that we have done! In our gallery we have many of the Virginia granite countertops that we have done in recent months and will continue to add more as new photos are collected. Check out our Virginia granite countertops gallery and get an idea of the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Understand that some of the photos may contain images in various phases of construction. A picture is worth a thousand words right.

Click here to see our work

Virginia Granite's Advantages

  1. Granite is scratch resistant!
    After diamonds, granite is the second hardest material on earth.

  2. Granite is easy to maintain!
    Granite is stain resistant since it has an absorption rate of less than half of one-percent.

  3. Granite keeps its beauty!
    Unlike other surfaces, as a natural stone Virginia Granite countertop will last forever. The diamond-polishing machinery used during the fabrication process leaves an inherent shine that is a symbol of everlasting grandeur

  4. Granite is the premier surface for installation!
    The mere fact that other surfaces go to great lengths to make their product look like granite speaks to its magnificence

  5. Granite is clean!
    According to The Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management, Granite has been shown to be over 150 times more bacteria resistant that most surfaces. That includes tile, wood, concrete and plastic laminate. Only the stainless steel used in industrial applications ranks higher.

  6. Granite improves the value of your home!
    As far as granite countertops and surfaces used in building and remodeling, nothing has the investment-grade quality like Granite. 90% of surveyed stated the feel granite increases the perceived value of a home.

  7. Granite is the envy of all other surfaces! 8 out of 10 homeowners would like to have granite countertops in their homes.

  8. It's an investment! Virginia Granite countertops is appealing to prospective buyers, organizations like the National Kitchen and Bath Association, and the National Association of Home Builders suggest that the number one remodel done today is the addition of a granite countertop, and that over 20% of today's homes already have natural stone and that percentage continues to grow. Chose the surface that benefits not only you today, but also any prospective buyers in the future.

Top Granite Misconceptions

  1. Granite absorbs liquid. Like any surface, it should be cleaned if something is spilled on it, just like anything else in your house. But did you know that some solid surfaces, including some plastics, absorb more water than Granite? Granite has been used for thousands of years to build everything from statues to skyscrapers that withstand the worst the elements can offer.
  2. Granite stains easily. Actually, as long as nothing is left on the surface for too long, such as oils that do not evaporate, it should easily wipe away. Like any investment in your home, it is worth protecting. But just in case, a poultice or paste may also be applied in an attempt to draw oil or other liquids from granite.
  3. Granite looses it shine over time. Don't confuse Granite with Marble. Wear and tear from average daily use typically will have no ill effect on Granites ability to resist scratches and marring.
  4. It's a lot of work to maintain Granite. Generally, the only requirement for keeping your Granite clean is soap and water. Applying a penetrating sealer is suggested annually (only takes 15 minutes) in order to protect your investment for generations to come.
  5. Color affects the durability of Granite. Granite is a natural occurring substance comprised of a variety of minerals formed and colored due to a variety of factors. Typically, color is not an indicator of strength.
  6. Bacteria can grow in Granite's porous surfaces. Bacteria are an environmental condition, not a surface condition. Bacteria can be found on any surface, including laminate, wood, or tile if it is not properly cleaned and cared for.
  7. Granite is steeply priced. Actually, right now is one of the best times to take advantage of the extremely competitive pricing on such a luxury surface. The unmatched value, return on investment, natural beauty, longevity and sophistication make Granite the natural choice.
granite countertops colorsGranite Countertop Colors
Granite countertop slabs come in many different colors, sizes and textures. Granite is a natural stone formation and is mined from the ground.
Choose Granite How to choose granite colors
Cabinet color and design, Wall color, your homes style (modern, contemporary, etc.), Personal preference, and reason for purchase(resale, or upgrading).
stone differenceWhat is the difference between stones
The main difference is the origin of the stone. This typically the different colors and textures come from different areas of the world.
Kitchen Deisgn Virginia Countertops Additional Information
Let's talk about the back splash: Some like the look of the 4 inch and this is typical installation.
Granite Edges Granite Countertop Edges
The more elaborate the finish the more man power and time and the more the cost.
Granite Maintenance Granite Countertop Maintenance & care for your countertops
With any natural stone product some basic maintenance and care should be taken to keep the natural beauty of the surface.
Granite Countertops Costs Virginia Granite Countertops Price
Granite Countertops Cost has come down alot, but this is due to a couple factors one of which is an influx of service providers that provide less quality service.
Countertop Additional Fees What are the other fees?
Additional fees may result from the installation and fabrication process depending on your unique situation.
Granite Verse Quartz Granite Vs Quartz
5 Advantages of Granite Countertops
5 Advantages of Quartz Countertops
6 disadvantages of quartz countertops.asp
8 Disadvantages of Granite Countertops
"Granite countertops increase the resale value of a home," 90 percent of the surveyed consumers either strongly or somewhat agreed.
Granite Makeover Granite Makeover Granite Counter tops

Colonial Granite Works is your one-stop shop for granite countertops in Richmond, VA for anything from kitchen countertops to bath vanities and everything in between. Between our large selection of fine stones and our expert design capabilities, an upgrade to your home is limited only by your imagination. We are located near one of the largest stone distributors in the great Richmond area. We specialize in providing top quality craftsmanship at a great price. Whether you are looking for Granite, Quartz, Marble for your countertops be sure to let us quote your project. You wont be disappointed.

Planning your project? Be sure to check out the Virtual Kitchen Designer , this can help you with design planning for your kitchen color pallet and the Instant Countertop Estimator which will provide you with ballpark pricing based on specific stone material pricing.

Our new showroom located in Ashland, VA has all your stone samples as well as flooring and cabinets for your full kitchen renovation projects. Come check us out, we are conviently located at 10354 Leadbetter Rd. Ashland, Virginia 23005


"Colonial Granite Works did an amazing job in our kitchen! Very friendly, affordable, and quick turnaround time. We ripped out our old laminate countertops and installed new marble - picked out marble, Lloyd took measurements, demo'd old, and installed new within two weeks (demo/install only took about three hours). The two installers were friendly, quick, thorough, and extremely clean. They left the job and it didn't even look like they were there! Nadia was prompt with invoices, emails, phone calls, and follow up to the job.

Lloyd and his entire crew have been a pleasure to work with - we will definitely be back for future home projects! Can't beat using a locally owned and operated business! We absolutely recommend using Colonial Granite Works!" - Adam. R

Looking for professional and amazing work? Then look no further than Colonial Granite Work! - Rick M.

Great team to work with! They did an awesome job.....love it! - Cindy S.


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