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Marble Countertops

This material is a natural stone harvested from the earth in its natural form. Marble is formed from pressure mostly and it is mostly made of limestones. Other minerals makeup the various veins and cause the colorations but this material is primarily formed from limestone and pressure.

The Look Of Marble

Marble countertops are made of limestone and this material can come in various colors. The viening of marbles are from the impurities present when the rock is formed under pressure. Limestone is a porous material so it can stain from exposure to chemicals. Acids will etch the surface which is the process of removing some of the material from the surface. Marbles have been used for 100’s of years because they are easy to shape.

Where can I use Marble for countertops?

Marble is suitable for all applications. More recently marbles have been used less in the everyday kitchen because of staining and etching from chemicals. We still today see marbles in bathrooms entry ways, backsplashes and many areas that may not be exposed to harsh chemicals.

Marble Vs Quartz Countertops

Marble is a natural stone and Quartz countertops are a mix of plastic/epoxy binding the quartz material together. A natural stone needs to be sealed to prevent staining. Quartz does not need to be sealed because of the bonding agent but because of this bonding agent quartz cannot be exposed to heat and chemicals like a natural stone can. Many quartz variations mimic marbles for use in the kitchen.

Marble vs Granite countertops

Marble material is not as durable to everyday use in the kitchen as granite. Granites tend to be busier and darker than granites. Pure white granite is really not available as granite is formed from heat and this process tends to lead towards darker natural colors.

Marble VS Quartzite Countertops

Marbles are very similar in appearance to Quartzites but because of the addition of heat the quartzite is more dense and stronger. Quartzites are more resistant to etching from the exposure of acids. Marbles are more commonly used in art because they are easier to work with than quartzites.

Cons of Marble

Etching of the surface from chemicals and the porous nature of limestone. Because of these facts it is recommended not to use marbles in high trafficked kitchen applications

Cost of Marble

Marbles have a wide array of costs. It all comes down to supply and demand. The more pure the marble the more that it will typically cost. You will want to view the marble slabs that you choose as all slabs are different. This material has been harvested from the earth for 100’s of years. Established queries and supply chains have been established.

Use the kitchen designer to help you with the color selection process...

The Granite Kitchen Designer is designed to assist You with color selection. This is not going to exactly define the look of your kitchen but it will give you an idea of which colors will go best with each other by selecting your cabinet, wall, floor and granite you can pull your granite colors into the various elements of your kitchen. Note: some color names may differ by region.

Virtual Kitchen Designer

This kitchen designer provides access to the same colors but is in a 3d Applciation.

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